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Galaxy Prop Productions

Bringing nearly 20 years of experience and excellence in Prop and Replica creation. Led by Owner John Clark, The Dream Team specializes in a wide array of materials including, but not limited to: fabrication, mold making and casting, fiberglass work, sculpting, and 3D printing. We work with many different materials including plastic, resin, silicone, foam, wood, fiberglass, and plaster. Galaxy Props works primarily in creating movie props, but also specializes in smaller production runs for inventors and entrepreneurs. We pride ourselves on helping our customers save money when kitting up or just decorating.


Based out of Kansas City, Owner and operator John Clark has been an artist and creator for many years. He started simply by building small props and quickly moved to sculpting and Resin Casting. Making molds in plaster and wood, and the ability to cast those parts led to learning to work with silicone and plastic resin and the continuing pursuit of mastering mold making presents a new challenge.

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